My Favorite Things. Sort of.

If this snowstorm has given me one thing, it’s time to get things done. Which, as it turns out, now includes stupid blog posts and useless videos. Huzzah! Enjoy the following video in which I am really awkward and bad at explaining things:


A list of all the items I mentioned and where to find them:

Cool Thing: Bath and Body Works Paris Amour 3 Wick Candle (or any candle of your choice!)

Reason I love it: Um, duh. It smells really nice. Well, that and it is quite pleasant for early morning bathroom routines.

Price: $21.69


Cool Thing: Fleece Lined Leggings

Reason I love it: It’s like wearing a fuzzy blanket all day long. Basically heaven on earth.

Price: Depends a bit– apparently you can get the brand I have off of Bed Bath and Beyond’s website for $9.99 (link above), but there are countless other brands of fleece lined leggings that range anywhere from $10-25. Search Amazon and I’m sure you’ll find some.


Cool Thing: Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranates

Reason I love it: Delicious, addicting, great for munching, and did I mention delicious…

Price: $16.07


Cool Thing: Hair flowers and bows

Reason I love it: Not only are the super cute to wear with a bun, braid, or even your hair down, they’re great for distracting from a bad hair day.

Price: $1.20-3.80/2


Cool Thing: Clinique Different Lipstick in “Rose Aglow”

Reason I love it: Lovely rosy, matte color that’s great for winter! Also a great lipstick in general, no matter what color you get.

Price: $15


Cool Thing: Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand

Reason I love it: Fantastic biography of a bombardier’s difficult journey in the South Pacific theatre during WWII– researched and written in a very thoughtful manner without shying away from the hard truths of war and suffering.

Price: $14.12 for hardcover, $10.99 for Kindle


Let me know if this inspires you to try something new, or post a comment of something you’ve enjoyed and think I should try! 🙂

 Anna Beth


A Southerner in Snow


Living in the South has its share of perks, but having frequent snowstorms is not one of them. Or rather, perhaps that is one of them. Personally, I quite love snow, but, to be fair, I’ve never had to deal with it in large quantities over long periods of time. Being a cold-natured person, I could see how excessive bouts of freezing fluff could become wearisome (the fact that I have trouble keeping warm when it’s merely fifty degrees out should be sign enough). Regardless, I do enjoy a good romp in the snow when it does come, and much to my delight, winter storm Leon did not disappoint. With snow piling up to nine inches or so in our yard, I had plenty of the white stuff to keep me occupied in my childish excitement.

For posterity’s sake, my brother just walked through, saw the picture up top, and said, “Why do you have one of those emo cropped phone pictures of yourself? That’s so weird.” Well, sir, firstly, it was not taken with a phone, so JOKE’S ON YOU. And I wasn’t intending to be emo but thank you for your thoughtful input. To be fair, it did find it’s way to my instagram, but at least it’s nothing compared to the hoards of snow pictures my fellow Southerners have been spamming for the past two snow-filled days. But really– who can blame them? This only happens like once every fifty years. Or three. But still.

Besides it being lovely and magical and generally picturesque against a usually quite boring winter landscape, it also brings with it a host of wonderful things, like snow cream and staying home from class and throwing your indoor cats in snow drifts to see if their primal instincts surface long enough for them to forget about their heated cat beds waiting for them inside (don’t worry.. I’m currently editing a vlog that includes such wonderfully entertaining things).

So even if you’re an experienced snow-dweller from lands up North or Northwest or wherever it is that you live in igloos and ice fish and have an extra layer of skin, I hope you can appreciate the novelty of it for one such as I, a mere child when it comes to all things powdery and fun.

And to all my Southern friends, stay warm and try not to freak out about the white stuff outside. It’s natural. Promise.

Anna Beth

My Weird Kanagroo-Riding Professor

download (1)

Just for the record, if you type in “old rugged safari guy” into google images, this is what you will see.

If you follow my terribly boring twitter adventures, you know that this semester I am taking my last science requirement in the form of Environmental Biology. Nothing could be a greater joy to my soul than sitting for two hours every Monday and Wednesday in a mildly stuffy classroom learning about how the hole in the atmosphere over the polar ice cap is going to destroy life as we know it (or perhaps life at all) within the next fifty years. Literally there is no greater joy. Except maybe for the fact that in order to get credit for attending class you must always have your severely outdated response clicker that in reality only serves the purpose of draining your wallet of a good 100+ bucks. That just really thrills my heart.

Except, of course, on days (such as yesterday) when after having to wash my backpack with Lysol to rid it of a lovely present left by my cat, Gus, I forget my over-priced clicker in the laundry basket and merrily bebop to class only to realize that it is almost entirely useless that I am there because I have forgotten my clicker. I say almost entirely, because even though I was counted absent, I did get a fascinating explanation of how global and local mainstream economists are killing every animal in the world in passionate, pitch-fork ridden droves, and everyone who doesn’t personally own a fish hatchery is probably busy scheming their plot to finish wiping out albatrosses in the Pacific before May of 2015 instead of tenderly raising their bluefin tuna in peaceful solidity.

Well. I didn’t learn exactly that, but my version is way better. Trust me.

On the bright side, my professor is quite an interesting guy– or rather, a “nice, gentle chap!” in his own, sarcastic words– and if nothing else I get to spend the class chuckling to myself about his failed attempts at sarcasm and haphazardly receding hair line, which he attempts to cover with wild mops of graying hair. To be fair, his humor is quite entertaining, but unfortunate for him I seem to be the only individual under the age of forty in the classroom who seems to even pick up on his subtle (and not-so-subtle) quips. And by everyone under the age of forty in the classroom I mean everyone… except for him. But, I digress.

He also hails from South Africa, which brings it’s own set of amusements– a quirky accent, an inability to convert kilometers to miles, and a whole host of other odd idiosyncrasies that are no doubt rooted in his homeland’s culture. To be fair, my knowledge of South Africa is rather limited… Nelson Mandela, the 2010 FIFA World Cup (it’s 2014 and I still haven’t gotten the buzz of those dang vuvuzelas out of my head), apartheid, and lots of white people. So perhaps this will serve as a South African culture class as well. Although I’m not sure my attributing his strangeness to all South Africans is really that fair. Unless, of course, they are all Australian-obsessed beer drinkers who love eating kangaroo and enjoy making weird metaphors involving whales to further their environmental agendas while failing at both pop culture references and getting people to answer questions in class. Because if that is so, after only two weeks of class I already have an inclusive understanding of South African culture! Hoorah!

But to be honest, he does have a certain endearing ruggedness about him. Perhaps it is his obsession with Australia that gives me the weird feeling that at any moment he might mount a random kangaroo and ride off into the sunset to save the world from unrecycled plastics. At first it’d probably  be confusing as to where he’d gotten the kangaroo, but then I’d just sit back and chuckle with a knowing head nod while the rest of the class would begin murmuring in shocked confusion. Ever since he walked into class with a washed-out, pale burgundy Steve Irwin-esque shirt unbuttoned a little too far down I’ve been expecting this to happen. It’s only a matter of time.

Anyway, I’m counting my blessings. Despite my skepticism that I will learn anything useful in this class, at least I have an interesting fellow to tweet about for four hours a week. Who could ask for more?

Anna Beth

If you’d like to keep following my adventures with said professor and explore some of his finer moments/quotes, check out my twitter here!

I can already tell titling things is going to be my least favorite part.

If you were brave enough to watch that, you now know that my name is Anna Beth and I’m definitely a dork. Fortunately, I have accepted these facts about myself and am moving on with my life– honestly, changing your name is way too legally cumbersome, and, contrary to popular belief, being a dork is way more fun than physically harmful. Most times.

Anywho, welcome to my blog and all of that awkward half-way sentimental type stuff people always write when they start something like this. I’ve chosen to forego most of those sentiments as I really can’t promise much more than self-depreciating humor and failed sweet tea tutorials. BUT I WILL TRY. Which is really all that matters because my main goals here are to have fun and do whatever I feel like. So. Not very lofty goals, I shouldn’t think. Hopefully it will be an entertaining experience for us all.

In all partial seriousness, you can expect to find a smattering of various interests on this blog. Many will be humorous, some pensive, others perhaps helpful. I enjoy many different things and this youtube/blog shebang is simply to share with you some of those simple or stupid or entirely irrelevant pleasures. Or complaints. Or confusions. Generally you’ll just be getting a (hopefully not frightening) look into my life. So.. yay for that?

Well, I think that about covers the preliminary, awkward bases. First posts are always the worst. On the bright side.. now I can move on to less awkward (HAHA yeah who am I kidding…) posts and videos and musings. Definitely yay for that.

See you soon!

Anna Beth