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Anna Beth

How to Have a Cheery Rainy Day


Sunny days aren’t the only ones that can be exceptionally cheerful. Give me a good misty, gray day and I can be quite happy about the whole event. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with many people, so I thought I’d share some ways I make rainy days cheery…



  • Keep your feet dry and warm. This applies to both warm and cold rainy days. No matter the temperature outside, keeping your feet dry and warm will make all the difference in whether or not your rainy day is cheery. I know those cute flats are really tempting, but soggy feet have a way of letting misery creep in like nothing else. Wear something that will keep that moisture out, or bring an extra pair of socks to work/school. And when you get home, pull out those fuzzy socks!


  • Let your hair do what it wants. This hits particularly close to home as I am one who has unruly half-straight, half-curly hair. On rainy days I know there is no point in straightening my fringe because with the first sign of humidity– boing! So take some stress off your day, let yourself sleep in a bit longer, and don’t get frustrated when that *thing* (whatever it is) happens with your hair. Rock it, just for one rainy day.


  • Put on some good jams. Listen to music that makes you happy! Sometimes I like listen to something pretty mellow with a bit of spunk (read: Jack Johnson or jazz), but in general it’s just most important remember that rainy days don’t have to be just slow, depressing music. It’s okay to bebop around town with your favorite summery music or even just the radio. It’s okay to crank up some classical while doing the dishes and pretend you’re posh and elegant (or at least I’d be pretending). It’s even okay to throw it back with some disco (and accompanying bell bottoms, duh). Honestly, any and all music has the potential to be a good soundtrack to a rainy day, so don’t limit yourself.


  • Eat your favorite food. Not that you really need an excuse, but rainy days are good ones for eating your favorite food. Knowing you have that “hot and ready” pizza waiting for you when you get home can be really motivating and exciting. Making the short drive to Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate on your lunch break can make the afternoon seem a little more cozy. Popping a bag of fig newtons in your purse to munch on later could potentially change your world forever (or at least a day that might otherwise be dreary).


  • Get a colorful umbrella. Just because the world is gray doesn’t mean you have to be! This goes for your clothing as well, but I have found investing in a good, happy umbrella has made a huge difference in my rainy days. In a sea of boring, gray and black umbrellas, your little guy will be a beacon of color and cheer for more than just you. I can’t tell you how many comments my own floral umbrella has received! Besides the fact that it just makes me happy. Confession: Sometimes I look forward to rainy days because I get to use my umbrella. It’s sad.. sad, but true.


  • Spend time with your pet. If you have a pet, spend time with it. Granted, fish aren’t so easy to spend time with, but a good cuddle with your puppy can make the world seem much brighter.
  • aaalaundry2Do something productive. Most of us have work and/or school that helps us fill our time on rainy days, but even if it’s your day off, do something productive. I find sometimes a wave of grogginess comes over me when the sky is low and wet and I end up sort of laying around and hoping for dryer days. Just getting up and doing something– anything– can help break that dumb feeling and kick your mind into enjoying the coziness of the hour. Rainy days are perfect for blankets and netflix and warm beverages, but sometimes you just can’t enjoy those things as well until you’ve gotten up and done something useful with yourself. Check something off your to do list and you’re sure to better enjoy another hour in your blanket fort.


  • Chapstick. Don’t as questions, just use it.


  • Watch a TV show/movie or read a book. Basically, just do something fun (after you’ve been productive), and don’t feel guilty about it! It’s raining out anyway, what else are you going to do? Take a walk? Didn’t think so.


  • Have a good attitude. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. But also probably the most difficult. If you start your day with a negative mindset, your day is going to be a lot harder to make cheery. And, unfortunately, rain gets blamed for a lot of un-cheeriness. Just because you wake up to find the yard is covered in slosh doesn’t mean you have to huff about the day. Yes, you could potentially get soggy on the way to work. Yes, it makes grocery shopping particularly annoying. YES, it means no good beach weather. But you weren’t going to be able to go to the beach anyway, right? Besides, now you have a great excuse to be extra cozy and warm and cheery. It is raining after all, so why not make the best of it? Keep that chin up and smile at the beauty of a world dotted with raindrops!

 Warm and cozy,

Anna Beth

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