Disney Day 3 // Those Crazy Gingers

Enjoy our last day at Disney World as we face off at miniature golf, get photobombed at Typhoon Lagoon, and have a bunch of other fun adventures!

I never win at miniature golf,

Anna Beth


Top 5 Best Man-Made Things // Top 5 Friday

It’s technically early Saturday morning and this has been a long week, so LET’S GET TO IT:

Top 5 Best Man-Made Things // Top 5 Friday

  1. VITAMIN GUMMIES. As you can tell by the uppercase letters, I feel pretty strongly about this one. I think we can all agree that vitamin gummies are one of the greatest gifts to mankind– they’re delicious little candy-like fruit nuggets that are GOOD FOR YOU. And not like, “less bad for you” than other gummies or candies. Like, actually “benefiting your body and health” kind of good for you. That’s pretty boss. Shout out to vitamin gummies.
  2. The International Space Station. So I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory. Like, a big floating house station thing? Orbiting the earth?? Capable of sustaining life and growing little experimental planties??? AMAZING. Go wikipedia that stuff. (But only if you have 5+ hours to spare. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)
  3. Stickers. Stickers literally have no purpose other than fun and aesthetic joy. How great is that? They’re especially exciting for people like me who were not graciously endowed in the sketching/drawing/creating cool looking things talent department. Want Queen Elsa on your letter? Boom, there’s a sticker for that. Want some cool ivy work on your scrapbook page? Boom, there’s a sticker for that. Want to write your name in a cool font on that potted plant? Boom, there’re stickers for that. No need to try to free hand any of that stuff, there’s literally a sticker for everything.
  4. Car Horns. Today I used my car horn for the first time in as long as I can remember, and even though I was totally justified in using it, I still felt like a complete tool. Why is that?? But it was a nice little beep– more of an encouragement really– and then I got to thinking that you know what? It probably sounded sort of encouraging, right? A short “bip!” just to say, “Hey man, the light’s green. Just letting you know since you’ve been sitting there idly for 15 seconds and, you know, thought you might not want to get caught at the light again. No harm no foul, just a friendly bip, man.” And then I was like, “Oh my gosh. Car horns are so cool. Our cars literally get to talk to each other. OUR CARS TALK TO EACH OTHER.” And then I wept for the tragic loss of my sanity. But car horns are still cool.
  5. Waffle Cones. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that when I got home tonight there were several homemade waffle cones inexplicably strewn across the counter, or the fact that I am currently munching on one of said waffle cones. But it does have to do with the fact that someone thought it was a good idea to roll up a waffle into a cone shape and put ice cream in it. AND HOW RIGHT THEY WERE. The inventor of waffle cones, whoever he/she was, is probably my favorite historical figure in the history of ever.

So there you have it, the top 5 best man-made things, at least according to my end of week, sleep-deprived, stressed out brain. Cheers.

Seriously vitamin gummies are so awesome,

Anna Beth

Siblings Sing Top 10 One Direction Acappella // Those Crazy Gingers

On our way home from IKEA, we forgot the sound cable, so we had to make our own music. At some point I started recording. Things got a little crazy.

Probably hoarse forever,

Anna Beth

Disney Day 2! // Vlog // Those Crazy Gingers

Turns out you can have a blast at Disney World without setting foot inside one of the theme parks!

Stalking Peter,

Anna Beth

Top 5 “Don’ts” Every Senior Wants to Tell Every Freshmen // Top 5 Friday


I found this on the floor as I left one of my classes last week, and after a brief chuckle, it got me thinking. What exactly would I tell freshman to help them be successful during their college career? Well, perhaps they’re not quite as helpful as the list above, but here are the top 5 things I want to tell college freshman, and I’m pretty sure many other seniors would agree.

  1. Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck. While it’s good to keep track of your keys so you don’t have to annoy your roommate every time you go back to your dorm, wearing your lanyard around your neck at all times is like a big, blinking marquee that you’re a freshman. Put your keys in your backpack. That’s what it’s there for.
  2. Don’t update your social media accounts every time you do homework. We know it’s exciting being a real college student (and it feels fun to gripe about the “real world” of college homework to all your friends who are still in high school), but it’s another blinking marquee of freshman-dom. If we were to tweet every time we were doing homework, our feeds would be the most boring, tedious, endless flow of tweets ever. You’re in college, which means you have homework. It’s sort of a given. So no need to tell the world.
  3. Don’t wear heels to class. Ladies, it’s just not worth it. Carrying a thirty pound backpack completely defeats the whole purpose of wearing heels anyway– no one is going to appear graceful or sexy under the weight of a rectangle-shaped boulder. The only exceptions to this rule are heeled boots and/or presentation/recital clothing.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask directions. Listen, we can tell you’re completely lost. It’s written all over your face. And you know what? That’s okay. You’ll learn your way around quicker than you think. In the meantime, just ask us where your next class is. Chances are we’ll know exactly where to direct you, and might even give you some helpful advice on where the closest Starbucks is or the best place to study or what bathrooms to avoid.
  5. Don’t call us old. Seriously. We may look like we have it all together because we have this college things down, but we’re literally only four years ahead of you. In three years time you’ll be right where we are– wishing people would stop calling you old at 21 and coming up with your own lists to tell freshmen.

What advice do you have for freshmen? Or what things do you wish you’d known?

Studying away,

Anna Beth