Word Association Challenge // Those Crazy Gingers

I threw my dignity to the wind and totally owned the ending of this video. Prepare to laugh at my misfortunes!

I fear my mouth may never shrink back to normal size,

Anna Beth


Backwards Word Challenge // Those Crazy Gingers

It’s time to determine who is best at talking backwards! Who will win? Who will lose and have to have a mustache drawn on their face?! Watch and find out!

Will this thing ever come off?

Anna Beth

COOKIE BAKING CONTEST // Those Crazy Gingers

Slapstick physical comedy and creative fall cookies co-exist in this charming example of why we should never be allowed in the kitchen unsupervised!

Probably won’t ever stop laughing after this,

Anna Beth

FALL ADVENTURES // Those Crazy Gingers

Jon and I went on some crazy fun fall adventures a few weeks ago, and there are not one, not two, but FIVE videos to show for it. Catch them on our youtube channel if you haven’t yet! Here’s one of my favorites– it may look like cooking, but it’s really just comedy. Probably mostly unintentionally, but that makes it all the funnier…


Happy fall,

Anna Beth