Not My Arms: LEMONADE // Those Crazy Gingers

If you’re looking for some laughs on a hot summer day, this “lemonade tutorial” is for you. If you’re looking for an actual lemonade tutorial, maybe try pinterest instead…


It’s really hot outside,

Anna Beth


Lip Sync Battle // Those Crazy Gingers

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon yet again, we tried out hands (mouths?) at a lip sync battle. Not saying I won, but I TOTALLY WON.


Head on over to the video and let us know what YOU think.

Clearly not a rapper,

Anna Beth

Jurassic World REDUB // Those Crazy Gingers

Guys. We redid every single sound of the Jurassic World trailer using only our mouths. EVERY SINGLE SOUND. It’s so terrible, but so funny. I can’t stop laughing.

 Counting down the days until June 12th,

Anna Beth