Top 5 Fall Hairstyles // Top 5 Friday

As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I get stuck in a rut of the same hairstyles over and over. So for this Top 5 Friday I’ve decided to pick out 5 hairstyles I’m going try this fall. If I’m successful at any of these, I’ll consider doing some tutorials because as hard as I’ve looked, many of these trickier ones don’t have great instructions. Feel free to join me and let me know how it goes!

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  1. The Triple Braided Bun – I’m quite excited about this idea as I think it will lend itself well to creating the illusion of volume. The flower crown might be a bit much for every day wear, but certainly adds a certain whimsical feel to it.
  2. The Twisted Sister – I rather like the sultry look of this one– and it looks easy enough to do. Will it be? We’ll soon find out! A nice, different off-the-neck style, though. And I need more of those with my long mane!
  3. The Fishtail Bun – I’ve always been a big fan of both fishtails and buns, so it only seems natural that mixing them together would create something great. My only question is– why have I not done this before??
  4. The Simple Braided Bun with a Twist – Smaller braids feeding into the regular braid bun make this old standby a cute classic. I’ve never been one for braid buns, but this might just change things. Besides, it look so easy and fast it might turn into a new 5-minute late-for-class fallback. Hooray!
  5. The French Braid Bun – First off, this one does not look easy. In fact, I’ve already tried my hand at it once or twice, and while I’ve managed to get closer each time, well.. it’s far from perfect. This one’ll take a little practice. But, I shan’t give up because jUST LOOK AT IT. Amazing. Do want.

If you want some tips and tricks on how to make these hairstyles successful, click right here! I made a whole blogpost about it just for you:)

Also, feel free to check out my hair board on Pinterest if you want to keep up with all the hairstyles I’m keen on trying (5 really isn’t enough to do justice, but it’s a start). I don’t update as often as I should, but upon request I’m trying. Which of course means lots of pictures and tutorials on hair, as well as lots and lots of pictures of cats. And pastel things. And things that make me laugh. Oops.

Until next Friday,

Anna Beth


10 Tips for Successfully Learning New Hairstyles and Updos

Ever get stuck doing the same two or three things with your hair every day? Yeah, me too. Scouring Pinterest for inspiration is easy, but actually trying (and succeeding) with cute new dos is an entirely different story. Not only is it time consuming and often frustrating, it’s downright tricky. Half the “tutorials” I find are pixelated photo sets whose original link has been long lost, so I’m left trying to make out the blurry mess of hair and hands and hope my end product is at least something like the original picture I saw. Identify with the struggle?

Well after lots and lots of failures, I’ve learned a few things about trying new styles that hopefully will help you too. And if you’re looking for a few new ones to try, I dedicated this week’s Top 5 Friday post about some new fall hairstyles I’m looking to try.

10 Tips for Successfully Learning New Hairstyles and Updos

  1. Learn your hair. This may seem elementary, but it’s actually very important. Don’t go just by what hair tutorials tell you– for instance, many braid tutorials I’ve read instruct to use 2-day old hair; however, for me this is a disaster. By day two my hair is rather flat and slippery due to how fine it is, so it’s better for me to opt for a bun style on the second day. Conversely, braided dos work much better for me on freshly washed hair. So get to know your hair so you can best modify hair tutorials for your own hair type.
  2. Practice the updo when you don’t actually have anywhere to be. First (and sometimes second and third and…) tries can be shockingly time consuming as you’re trying to figure out just where that piece is supposed to tuck under… When you’re in a hurry or have somewhere to be and attempt a new do, things often end with you ripping off your faucet in frustration and something resembling a bird’s nest sagging off the side of your head. So plan on trying that new look you spotted on Pinterest on an evening in when there’s no pressure to finish in time or have other people see your (possibly) failed attempt.
  3. Have a back up plan. Hair can be fickle, so even if you’ve tried it on an evening in, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Have an old standby in mind, just in case you have five minutes until you need to leave and your new do just isn’t panning out.
  4. When in doubt, braid it out. If your new style is looking a little wonky, add a braid. If you run out of time, incorporate a braid into one of your usual styles. Basically, braid braid braid. People usually miss the flaws for the braid because they just think it looks so lovely and intricate (when, in fact, it’s a regular bun or twist with a braid tacked inside). This also applies for hair clips, pins, bands, and flowers. Essentially, add something aesthetically pleasing and no one will notice the fly aways or awkward alfalfa sprout you weren’t quite able to tame. Or the bird’s nest sagging off the side of your head. Honestly.
  5. Carry an arsenal of bobby pins with you. If you’ve never worn a particular hairstyle all day, it’s hard to know if it’ll last- or at least, if your lopsided interpretation of it will last (not that I specialize in lopsided interpretations)– so it’s good to have backup if needed. I usually keep a few on my person (literally) for quick fixes, as well as a healthy number in my bag for more serious alterations.
  6. Don’t be afraid of hairspray. But also use it wisely. If you’re really happy with your look, spray that sucker UP. Best case scenario is that you don’t have to think about your hair again until you’re taking it down at the end of the day. If you’re not so sure about the way it looks, spray lightly so your hair won’t revolt if you decide to take it down later. Besides, you’ve got your extra bobby pins on hand if you absolutely need them…
  7. Experiment with products. What makes your hair look best when in a bun? What helps your hair grip in a braid the longest? What keeps your frizz down without making your hair greasy? Is this particular style better without any product at all? It’ll probably take a bit of time and a few tries, but figuring this stuff out will make your life a lot easier.
  8. Use clear hair bands. You know, those little plastic ones that look like the rubber bands you were forced to wear on your braces at 14. Sure, then they weren’t your most prized possession (let’s be real– none of us wore them as much as we were supposed to), but now they’re actually extremely helpful to have around, no matter your hair type. Not only are they grippy, they’re small, clear, and unnoticeable– four very important things for successful updo tools. You can find them most anywhere that sells regular hair bands.
  9. Learn to back comb/tease/make your hair look like you’ve stuck your finger in a light socket. IT HELPS, I PROMISE. You may look at the picture and think, “that’s the dumbest looking thing I’ve ever seen, I’m not doing that,” but trust me, it can make a hair style go from “meh” to “BABOOM.” Especially for someone like me who has rather flat hair. Even those of you with quite voluminous hair can find it quite helpful for getting volume in specific places. So figure out what method of teasing is best for your hair– a comb, a brush, etc.– and learn to do it. Learn to love it.
  10. Appreciate messy. Be flexible. Unless it’s absolutely necessary that you have completely uniform, slicked-back hair, embrace the “messy” craze. It’s cute, and it takes a lot of pressure off of your getting your updos just right. Just because your realization of the style doesn’t look exactly like the picture doesn’t mean it looks bad. If there’s a little lump or frizz or piece dangling around your face, it’s okay. Better than that, it makes your look unique, and I can guarantee it doesn’t look nearly as bad as you think it does. Go with it.

So there you go! Hopefully these are as helpful to you as they have been to me. Now it’s your job to go find a new hairstyle, try it out, and let me know how it goes! You’ve got this… 🙂

Anna Beth


DIY Bathroom Additions

Recently I decided I had suffered long enough without proper bathroom storage and counter space. I also decided that school was slowly killing my soul, so I needed a creative outlet. Enter completely reorganizing my bathroom during the busiest part of my semester, cause I’m smart like that.

Now that school is over, I thought I’d share some pictures of the before and afters. It may not seem like much, but the results have literally changed my entire bathroom experience, which is pretty important since bathrooms are kind of essential in every day life.

6First, you should know that my bathroom is small. Like really small.  On top of that, I have a pedestal sink (they’re cute, but entirely impractical. ENTIRELY.), which means my storage and counter space is actually zero. Dumb. So my first quest was for something small enough to fit between my sink and toilet, but large enough to actually be useful for both cabinetry and counter space. I searched far and wide in stores and over the internet, and the only reasonably priced thing that fit the dimensions I needed was this old cabinet I found in my mom’s bedroom. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Thankfully, she let me repurpose it with paint, burlap (don’t worry, the flowers are still there in case she ever uses it for something else), and new nobs. This, of course, cost me way less than if I had bought something, and honestly, it looks way better than any of that cheap perforated wood stuff you can get for cheap. So it was a win-win.

2Next was organizing the storage I do have. The shelves may look big, but they’re way deeper than my arms can reach, so really I can only use the front 1/3 or so for immediate, daily usage. With the new cabinet in place, I was able to put all of the things I use on a daily basis (hair products, make up, etc.) in there, freeing up my storage space to actually be storage space. And organized storage space at that. I also threw out entire trash bags of junk, so that probably helped too.

4Then, even though I decluttered everything so my brain wouldn’t explode, I decided to make a curtain to cover up my storage space because 1) Even neat storage spaces can look cluttery when left for the world to see. 2) I am not going to deny the fact that my storage space will inevitably fluctuate between neat and cluttered, so having a curtain to close off my disorganized life is a must. I also made an earring holder so that I can actually see all my earrings and wear them instead of wearing the same pair every single day because I’m too lazy to search for others.

d3Here’s a close up of the bottom of the curtain. I sort of just bought fabric and hoped something good would come of it, and I thought it turned out quite cute.

g2And a close up of the earring holder. Literally bought a 3 dollar frame from TJ Maxx that was missing the glass, found some chicken wire in the barn, offset two pieces and stapled them to the back, and covered it with leftover burlap from my cabinet. I’m in to easy and cheap, if you couldn’t tell already.

3Next was continuing the battle against limited counter space (and by limited I mean literally the back of my toilet was my counter space. That was it.) by installing shelves above my toilet. This was another long, fruitless search for something both cute and affordable, so I ended up going to a local boutique-type place, picking up an old, wet piece of wood from behind their building, and asking if I could buy it. I think they sort of thought I was crazy, but they let me, so yay for that. Then honestly all I did was saw it in half, order some cute iron brackets off the internet, and hung them. So easy, so cute, SO MUCH COUNTER SPACE (for me, anyway).  I also went a little crazy and bought way too many jars (not all pictured here) to store my cotton balls, q-tips, hair pins, and the like. Getting organized is way too much fun, especially when you do it on the cheap.

5And that about covers it! As you can see, with the cabinet and shelves I actually have room to put candles and q-tips and all sorts of things one normally has on bathroom counters. It’s like I’ve finally entered the world of getting ready without having to do gymnastics to reach a cotton ball. And maybe it’s just me, but I find that pretty exciting. Almost as exciting as having adequate storage space that is organized and convenient. Can I get a squee?

Anna Beth

Tips for a Clearer Face

If you’re a human being, you’ve probably experienced acne in some way, shape, or form at some point in your life. If you haven’t, you probably have flawless skin that my not-flawless skin says hi to but also doesn’t like because … Continue reading

How to Have a Cheery Rainy Day


Sunny days aren’t the only ones that can be exceptionally cheerful. Give me a good misty, gray day and I can be quite happy about the whole event. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case with many people, so I thought I’d share some ways I make rainy days cheery…



  • Keep your feet dry and warm. This applies to both warm and cold rainy days. No matter the temperature outside, keeping your feet dry and warm will make all the difference in whether or not your rainy day is cheery. I know those cute flats are really tempting, but soggy feet have a way of letting misery creep in like nothing else. Wear something that will keep that moisture out, or bring an extra pair of socks to work/school. And when you get home, pull out those fuzzy socks!


  • Let your hair do what it wants. This hits particularly close to home as I am one who has unruly half-straight, half-curly hair. On rainy days I know there is no point in straightening my fringe because with the first sign of humidity– boing! So take some stress off your day, let yourself sleep in a bit longer, and don’t get frustrated when that *thing* (whatever it is) happens with your hair. Rock it, just for one rainy day.


  • Put on some good jams. Listen to music that makes you happy! Sometimes I like listen to something pretty mellow with a bit of spunk (read: Jack Johnson or jazz), but in general it’s just most important remember that rainy days don’t have to be just slow, depressing music. It’s okay to bebop around town with your favorite summery music or even just the radio. It’s okay to crank up some classical while doing the dishes and pretend you’re posh and elegant (or at least I’d be pretending). It’s even okay to throw it back with some disco (and accompanying bell bottoms, duh). Honestly, any and all music has the potential to be a good soundtrack to a rainy day, so don’t limit yourself.


  • Eat your favorite food. Not that you really need an excuse, but rainy days are good ones for eating your favorite food. Knowing you have that “hot and ready” pizza waiting for you when you get home can be really motivating and exciting. Making the short drive to Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate on your lunch break can make the afternoon seem a little more cozy. Popping a bag of fig newtons in your purse to munch on later could potentially change your world forever (or at least a day that might otherwise be dreary).


  • Get a colorful umbrella. Just because the world is gray doesn’t mean you have to be! This goes for your clothing as well, but I have found investing in a good, happy umbrella has made a huge difference in my rainy days. In a sea of boring, gray and black umbrellas, your little guy will be a beacon of color and cheer for more than just you. I can’t tell you how many comments my own floral umbrella has received! Besides the fact that it just makes me happy. Confession: Sometimes I look forward to rainy days because I get to use my umbrella. It’s sad.. sad, but true.


  • Spend time with your pet. If you have a pet, spend time with it. Granted, fish aren’t so easy to spend time with, but a good cuddle with your puppy can make the world seem much brighter.
  • aaalaundry2Do something productive. Most of us have work and/or school that helps us fill our time on rainy days, but even if it’s your day off, do something productive. I find sometimes a wave of grogginess comes over me when the sky is low and wet and I end up sort of laying around and hoping for dryer days. Just getting up and doing something– anything– can help break that dumb feeling and kick your mind into enjoying the coziness of the hour. Rainy days are perfect for blankets and netflix and warm beverages, but sometimes you just can’t enjoy those things as well until you’ve gotten up and done something useful with yourself. Check something off your to do list and you’re sure to better enjoy another hour in your blanket fort.


  • Chapstick. Don’t as questions, just use it.


  • Watch a TV show/movie or read a book. Basically, just do something fun (after you’ve been productive), and don’t feel guilty about it! It’s raining out anyway, what else are you going to do? Take a walk? Didn’t think so.


  • Have a good attitude. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. But also probably the most difficult. If you start your day with a negative mindset, your day is going to be a lot harder to make cheery. And, unfortunately, rain gets blamed for a lot of un-cheeriness. Just because you wake up to find the yard is covered in slosh doesn’t mean you have to huff about the day. Yes, you could potentially get soggy on the way to work. Yes, it makes grocery shopping particularly annoying. YES, it means no good beach weather. But you weren’t going to be able to go to the beach anyway, right? Besides, now you have a great excuse to be extra cozy and warm and cheery. It is raining after all, so why not make the best of it? Keep that chin up and smile at the beauty of a world dotted with raindrops!

 Warm and cozy,

Anna Beth

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