DISNEY EXPERTS // Those Crazy Gingers

We can identify Disney songs pretty impressively, but can we complete the lyrics??

Note: Jon’s performance at the end has been the highlight of my whole week…

May all your dreams come true,

Anna Beth


Helicopters, Angry Santa, and One Direction // Those Crazy Gingers

We make each other do a lot of stupid, embarrassing things in seven seconds, and it’s kind of hilarious. Enjoy.


Probably the best human helicopter around,

Anna Beth

IRISH BLOOD // Those Crazy Gingers

In this week’s edition of TCG, we play a new game involving Google auto-fill, our terrible drawing skills, St. Patrick’s Day, and prank calls. ENJOY.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Anna Beth

Sweet Tea HORROR // An Open Letter to McDonald’s

As the end of the semester draws nearer and homework&practicing begin to pile up so deep I’m not sure I’ll ever find my way out, my itch to write and blog and do all sorts of non-school related things increases. … Continue reading

Not My Arms Challenge // Those Crazy Gingers

Remember that time I got hit in the face with a rolling pin? Well. We played that game again. And it was nearly as equally dangerous. AND HILARIOUS.


Forever a victim of the Not My Arms Challenge,

Anna Beth

Trivia Crack SHOTS // Those Crazy Gingers

As if getting questions wrong on Trivia Crack wasn’t humiliation enough, we’ve gone and added another soul-crushing, gag-inducing consequence.

I must admit, the bloopers might be my favorite part.

Head on over to Youtube and give a thumbs up if you liked… AND BECAUSE I FREAKING DRANK VINEGAR. Gross. I feel like I deserve a medal or something. But… a thumbs up would do, I suppose.

Still feelin’ a bit sick,

Anna Beth

Butt Pop Challenge! // Those Crazy Gingers

We had so much.. er.. “fun” with balloons last time, we thought we’d do something with them again. Spoiler alert: Jon freaks out again. And, uh… so do I.

Hoping we never do another balloon video again or I might die of a heart attack,

Anna Beth

DON’T POP IT // Those Crazy Gingers

There is nothing quite so funny as watching your brother get the snot scared out of him in slow motion. I LOVE IT.


Balloons are terrifying,

Anna Beth