Drag Me Down // Those Crazy Gingers

This week we somehow¬†accidentally ended up making this video, which is a sick piano and violin arrangement of One Direction’s new single Drag Me Down. I’m not sure how lugging all of our equipment up the side of a mountain can be accidental, but it was. Anyway, the video is kind of fantastic, mainly because of the mountains. DEM MOUNTAINS. I’m in love. Enjoy.

Nobody nobody,

Anna Beth


Pennsylvania Adventures

Took a lovely little road trip to PA this past weekend. Here are some pictures and video of what I got up to!

Since I didn’t bother explaining much in the video, here’s a short recap so you know what all of those beautiful places were:)

The first day was spent driving– actually the first two days were spent driving. Actually, we drove a lot every day because apparently nothing is close to anything. But I guess it wasn’t too bad since the scenery was A++.

The second day consisted of (more driving to) Grove City College, where my best friend is finishing up her undergrad in history something or other. Come to think of it, I’m not actually sure what her degree is called, which maybe makes me a horrible friend. Oops. Anyway, I’ve heard how lovely the campus is practically since I was born since both of her parents went there, so I was excited to finally see it first hand. It only took me four years of my bff being up there to finally make it.


For instance, here is a really beautiful, old stain glass thing. Window. Whatever. The important part is that it is beautiful and represents all of the beautifulness of Grove City. So you’re welcome.

Basically, we spent the day running around the campus like my puppy Levi when he sees the laser pointer and trying to catch all of the events Chelsea (yep, that’s the bestie) was in– a dance production, Greek sing, etc. etc. etc. It was great to see her in her natural college habitat.


Yay it’s us. (Except for Chels who was at dance rehearsal. Oops. Sorry Chels.)

The third day we had planned on going into Pittsburg, but when we found out the Pittsburg marathon was going on, as well as several sporting events, we decided to skip the traffic chaos and go in the opposite direction towards Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. It was a lovely day of driving through the PA countryside and stopping whenever we felt like it at little country stores and local bakeries.







Whoa, flash.

The next day we finally made it into the ‘Burg, took a ride up the incline to view the city, ate lunch at the famous Primanti Brother’s in the Strip District, walked the streets of P-town, and ended with a refreshing tour through Phipps Conservatory. Mom was especially excited for that because she’s a hardcore garden nerd.

DSC02190 DSC02231DSC02248

DSC02322 DSC02291 DSC02297

As if you needed evidence that it disappeared quickly.
DSC02326 DSC02349 DSC02394 DSC02406 DSC02429 DSC02445 DSC02498 DSC02548 DSC02553 DSC02561

After that there was just a lot more driving and admiring scenery, but I figure you’ve gotten the picture by now. We had quite a lovely time and I wouldn’t mind going back and exploring more of the city sometime. I found it rather appealing in a steel mining, rustic type of way. Maybe I’ll drag my brother up there on our roadtrip next summer. We shall see.

Happy Travels,

Anna Beth