My Toes are Froze

In honor of the Southeast getting another huge dumping of ice and snow, I thought I’d (finally) post my snow day vlog from the last snowstorm. It’s awkward and involves lots of me making my cats angry at me, romping with my puppy in the snow, and nearly falling over every three seconds, but hopefully it’ll be entertaining regardless. Do you wanna build a snowman?


If you made it all the way through those grueling (nearly nine) minutes, CONGRATULATIONS. Now pray for my family as they have to deal with that e’ry day.

Anyway, it sure has been crazy weather these days, but I can’t say I hate it. Homework by the fire has a certain charm to it. Bring on the hot chocolate!

Anna Beth



A Southerner in Snow


Living in the South has its share of perks, but having frequent snowstorms is not one of them. Or rather, perhaps that is one of them. Personally, I quite love snow, but, to be fair, I’ve never had to deal with it in large quantities over long periods of time. Being a cold-natured person, I could see how excessive bouts of freezing fluff could become wearisome (the fact that I have trouble keeping warm when it’s merely fifty degrees out should be sign enough). Regardless, I do enjoy a good romp in the snow when it does come, and much to my delight, winter storm Leon did not disappoint. With snow piling up to nine inches or so in our yard, I had plenty of the white stuff to keep me occupied in my childish excitement.

For posterity’s sake, my brother just walked through, saw the picture up top, and said, “Why do you have one of those emo cropped phone pictures of yourself? That’s so weird.” Well, sir, firstly, it was not taken with a phone, so JOKE’S ON YOU. And I wasn’t intending to be emo but thank you for your thoughtful input. To be fair, it did find it’s way to my instagram, but at least it’s nothing compared to the hoards of snow pictures my fellow Southerners have been spamming for the past two snow-filled days. But really– who can blame them? This only happens like once every fifty years. Or three. But still.

Besides it being lovely and magical and generally picturesque against a usually quite boring winter landscape, it also brings with it a host of wonderful things, like snow cream and staying home from class and throwing your indoor cats in snow drifts to see if their primal instincts surface long enough for them to forget about their heated cat beds waiting for them inside (don’t worry.. I’m currently editing a vlog that includes such wonderfully entertaining things).

So even if you’re an experienced snow-dweller from lands up North or Northwest or wherever it is that you live in igloos and ice fish and have an extra layer of skin, I hope you can appreciate the novelty of it for one such as I, a mere child when it comes to all things powdery and fun.

And to all my Southern friends, stay warm and try not to freak out about the white stuff outside. It’s natural. Promise.

Anna Beth