What’s In My Mouth EPISODE 2 // Those Crazy Gingers

In which we make each other eat things no one should ever have to eat. Enjoy…


Still gagging on the cat food,

Anna Beth


IRISH BLOOD // Those Crazy Gingers

In this week’s edition of TCG, we play a new game involving Google auto-fill, our terrible drawing skills, St. Patrick’s Day, and prank calls. ENJOY.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Anna Beth

Most Likely To… // Those Crazy Gingers

This week we play the Sibling Most Likely To game and discover all sorts of things we REALLY think about each other…

Thanks to Zoella and Thatcher Joe for the inspiration!

Totally the funniest,

Anna Beth

THE DISNEY CHALLENGE // Those Crazy Gingers

In which we fight it out to see who’s the bigger Disney fan after all…

I totally won,

Anna Beth

Backwards Word Challenge // Those Crazy Gingers

It’s time to determine who is best at talking backwards! Who will win? Who will lose and have to have a mustache drawn on their face?! Watch and find out!

Will this thing ever come off?

Anna Beth

COOKIE BAKING CONTEST // Those Crazy Gingers

Slapstick physical comedy and creative fall cookies co-exist in this charming example of why we should never be allowed in the kitchen unsupervised!

Probably won’t ever stop laughing after this,

Anna Beth

The 7 Seconds Challenge! // Those Crazy Gingers

In which my bro and I subject ourselves to the surprising pressure of the seven seconds challenge and laugh a LOT in the process. It’s amazing what a seven second countdown can do to a person.

Still laughing,

Anna Beth