DISNEY Charades! // Those Crazy Gingers

I really took one (more like five) for the team… one (or five) of what I’m not entirely sure, but I still took them. And we also played a rousing game of Disney Charades, which was incredibly fun. I think we should make it a staple of every family gathering from here on out, because, you know, Disney. And games. How can you go wrong?


Your Dearest Lefou,

Anna Beth


DISNEY EXPERTS // Those Crazy Gingers

We can identify Disney songs pretty impressively, but can we complete the lyrics??

Note: Jon’s performance at the end has been the highlight of my whole week…

May all your dreams come true,

Anna Beth

THE DISNEY CHALLENGE // Those Crazy Gingers

In which we fight it out to see who’s the bigger Disney fan after all…

I totally won,

Anna Beth

Disney Day 3 // Those Crazy Gingers

Enjoy our last day at Disney World as we face off at miniature golf, get photobombed at Typhoon Lagoon, and have a bunch of other fun adventures!

I never win at miniature golf,

Anna Beth

Disney Day 2! // Vlog // Those Crazy Gingers

Turns out you can have a blast at Disney World without setting foot inside one of the theme parks!

Stalking Peter,

Anna Beth

Experience a Day at the Magic Kingdom!! // Those Crazy Gingers

Spend a day at the good ol’ MK at Disney World with us and experience the rides, jokes, and laughter first hand! The full Disney experience in one video, complete with us being really dumb and telling funny¬†stories from our day. Enjoy!


May all your wishes come true,

Anna Beth

DISNEY ROADTRIP DAY 0// Those Crazy Gingers

Brother-sister Disney trips are sort of the best ever. Complete with car dancing, silly accents, Disney singalongs, and the best fireworks show IN THE WORLD.

Stay magical,

Anna Beth