Drag Me Down // Those Crazy Gingers

This week we somehow accidentally ended up making this video, which is a sick piano and violin arrangement of One Direction’s new single Drag Me Down. I’m not sure how lugging all of our equipment up the side of a mountain can be accidental, but it was. Anyway, the video is kind of fantastic, mainly because of the mountains. DEM MOUNTAINS. I’m in love. Enjoy.

Nobody nobody,

Anna Beth


Sticky Hotdogs

Well hello there! As requested, here are a few pics from my vaca to Hilton Head Island. Admittedly, they’re more “here are some things we did and I took crappy pics with my phone because Jon was using our good camera for a work video shoot” and less “yay pretty pictures!” Regardless, hope you enjoy. After all, it doesn’t take much to get across just how lovely the beach is, does it?

Meet Chelsea, my bestie and general adorable person. Thanks to her putting up with me for nearly my entire life, I got invited on the family vaca to HHI. Clearly she was pretty darn excited to arrive.

She even puts up with my FIFA obsession and watches matches with me (even if we’re on vacation and there are lovely beaches calling her name). How great is she? Also, GERMANY YESSS.

Everyone knows beach vacations aren’t really beach vacations if there aren’t puzzles involved.PHOTO_20140714_151738


This, ladies and gents, is the sign of a true friendship. Ugly picture contest and I’m pretty sure I won, thanks very much.

Harbor Town is quite the charming little spot.PHOTO_20140714_190211


Don’t you just want to roll around in this grass? It was so soft and fluffy and cushy.PHOTO_20140714_212936

Beer tasting games are fun. I lost. But it was still fun.PHOTO_20140715_150034

Leave it to me to find everything Disney.PHOTO_20140715_150349

This day brought a trip to Shelter Cove, by way of bikes and “who can run over the most pine cones and not die” games.PHOTO_20140715_150947

Yes, that is a jet packing water superhero. Not as cool as Jango or Boba, BUT STILL.PHOTO_20140715_152125


OKAY STORY TIME: One summer many years ago baby Anna Beth went to HHI with her family and the only thing she remembers from this vaca is eating Itzakadoozie Popsicles, throwing a tantrum about not getting her own bike to ride, and getting really excited about Shannon Tanner. For many years present day Anna Beth didn’t even know if Shannon Tanner was a real person or if she’d just made up some random name and inserted it into her memories (mainly because any time she brought it up people were like, “I’m sorry what.. that is not a real person. Like Shannon Tanner? What kind of a name is that? Definitely not a guy’s name. Pshh.”). WELL GUESS WHAT HE IS REAL AND HE STILL PLAYS AT SHELTER COVE AND IF THAT ISN’T THE MOST SATISFYING THING FOR BABY ANNA BETH I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.


It makes me a little angry how good they looked after a 10 mile bike ride in the heat and humidity of HHI in July.PHOTO_20140715_155946-1PHOTO_20140716_150744

Proof of wildlife. Little baby crabby who was crittering around my towel and looking all cute and stuff.PHOTO_20140716_170225PHOTO_20140716_171249PHOTO_20140716_185444

More food. There was a lot of food.PHOTO_20140716_194101PHOTO_20140716_185747


Waking up at 4:30am and not being able to sleep only means one thing when you’re at the beach: SUNRISE.PHOTO_20140717_070310PHOTO_20140717_124216

Bike ride scenery.PHOTO_20140718_174721Attempted to make a sand castle, only got as far as the base before we left the beach for the day. So instead I christened it a dog bone with a moat.


Walking around Coligny is always fun, especially when there’s a performer who in every way look, talks, sings, and acts like Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec.PHOTO_20140718_195308PHOTO_20140718_212015

No slacking on the fun scale for our last night in town. The dueling pianos show at The Electric Piano proved to be quite entertaining. Accidentally talked to one of the performers for 15 minutes before the show, and thusly got an embarrassing shout out. I saluted. Like what?? Who salutes to a shout out? I’m clearly not fit for social interaction.

And there you have it! A very brief review my lovely week on HHI with Chels and her fam. I didn’t do the best job capturing all the best moments (like kayaking and eating seven dozen cookies), but in case you’re wondering, the lack of documentation in no way detracted from maximum enjoyment.  We had a BLAST.

Beach vaca #2 pictures coming soon!

Still salty,

Anna Beth

In some ways, Flappy Bird is a great metaphor for my life.


If you’re in any way connected to the internet, you’ve probably heard of Flappy Bird– an addictive, ridiculously difficult (and pointless) game that’s frustrating innocents everywhere. I was curious and downloaded the app. It is as difficult and annoying as everyone says.

In my confusion as to why the game is so popular, however, it occurred to me: Flappy Bird brought out in me freakishly similar emotions and ideals as does practicing piano.

After I’d dealt with a brief existential crisis of realizing my profession is essentially the same thing as playing a superficial and annoyingly “fad-y” game, I was able to step back and look at it for what it really is– a dumb metaphor for my life.

Basically, practicing piano is like playing Flappy Bird. Tedious, difficult, and extremely frustrating, but somehow weirdly satisfying. Flappy Bird is piano playing on a smaller scope– you work really hard and it feels like you’re getting nowhere, but in the end you get six points instead of one and that’s something to be excited about. You rejoice small victories (e.g. memorizing that one pesky measure). You get frustrated at the small failures (e.g. ramming your bird into the ground before the first pipe even shows on the screen). Your own personal ambitions and need to be better than your past self help you go further.

I suppose that these things apply to any hard thing worth doing. And, to be fair, there are probably more dissimilarities than similarities between playing keys and running a bird into a pipe. But there, in my practice room, as I cried over a 4 point average on Flappy Bird and a particularly difficult passage in a Chopin etude I’m working on, they seemed awfully similar. Perhaps even one and the same.

I guess piano does have an end reward or two going for it, but take it from one who knows: there are few things in life as satisfying as making that stupid little bird go through those ridiculous pipes. And playing the piano. I guess.

Anna Beth

P.s. Boasting a proud high score of 12, I think it’s time for me to make room for others to soar (read: smash their bird into pipes and throw their phone across the room). Goodbye, Flappy Bird, and good riddance.