Jurassic World REDUB // Those Crazy Gingers

Guys. We redid every single sound of the Jurassic World trailer using only our mouths. EVERY SINGLE SOUND. It’s so terrible, but so funny. I can’t stop laughing.

 Counting down the days until June 12th,

Anna Beth


Top 5 Cheap Things I Love // Top 5 Friday

I’m a poor college student, so this is a very inconclusive list. But I will stick to the nature of Top 5 Friday and limit my favorite cheap items to five. Enjoy? I guess? Top 5 Cheap Things I Love 1. … Continue reading

Top 5 Best Man-Made Things // Top 5 Friday

It’s technically early Saturday morning and this has been a long week, so LET’S GET TO IT:

Top 5 Best Man-Made Things // Top 5 Friday

  1. VITAMIN GUMMIES. As you can tell by the uppercase letters, I feel pretty strongly about this one. I think we can all agree that vitamin gummies are one of the greatest gifts to mankind– they’re delicious little candy-like fruit nuggets that are GOOD FOR YOU. And not like, “less bad for you” than other gummies or candies. Like, actually “benefiting your body and health” kind of good for you. That’s pretty boss. Shout out to vitamin gummies.
  2. The International Space Station. So I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory. Like, a big floating house station thing? Orbiting the earth?? Capable of sustaining life and growing little experimental planties??? AMAZING. Go wikipedia that stuff. (But only if you have 5+ hours to spare. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)
  3. Stickers. Stickers literally have no purpose other than fun and aesthetic joy. How great is that? They’re especially exciting for people like me who were not graciously endowed in the sketching/drawing/creating cool looking things talent department. Want Queen Elsa on your letter? Boom, there’s a sticker for that. Want some cool ivy work on your scrapbook page? Boom, there’s a sticker for that. Want to write your name in a cool font on that potted plant? Boom, there’re stickers for that. No need to try to free hand any of that stuff, there’s literally a sticker for everything.
  4. Car Horns. Today I used my car horn for the first time in as long as I can remember, and even though I was totally justified in using it, I still felt like a complete tool. Why is that?? But it was a nice little beep– more of an encouragement really– and then I got to thinking that you know what? It probably sounded sort of encouraging, right? A short “bip!” just to say, “Hey man, the light’s green. Just letting you know since you’ve been sitting there idly for 15 seconds and, you know, thought you might not want to get caught at the light again. No harm no foul, just a friendly bip, man.” And then I was like, “Oh my gosh. Car horns are so cool. Our cars literally get to talk to each other. OUR CARS TALK TO EACH OTHER.” And then I wept for the tragic loss of my sanity. But car horns are still cool.
  5. Waffle Cones. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that when I got home tonight there were several homemade waffle cones inexplicably strewn across the counter, or the fact that I am currently munching on one of said waffle cones. But it does have to do with the fact that someone thought it was a good idea to roll up a waffle into a cone shape and put ice cream in it. AND HOW RIGHT THEY WERE. The inventor of waffle cones, whoever he/she was, is probably my favorite historical figure in the history of ever.

So there you have it, the top 5 best man-made things, at least according to my end of week, sleep-deprived, stressed out brain. Cheers.

Seriously vitamin gummies are so awesome,

Anna Beth

Disney Day 2! // Vlog // Those Crazy Gingers

Turns out you can have a blast at Disney World without setting foot inside one of the theme parks!

Stalking Peter,

Anna Beth

Experience a Day at the Magic Kingdom!! // Those Crazy Gingers

Spend a day at the good ol’ MK at Disney World with us and experience the rides, jokes, and laughter first hand! The full Disney experience in one video, complete with us being really dumb and telling funny stories from our day. Enjoy!


May all your wishes come true,

Anna Beth



Still a child,

Anna Beth

Sticky Hotdogs

Well hello there! As requested, here are a few pics from my vaca to Hilton Head Island. Admittedly, they’re more “here are some things we did and I took crappy pics with my phone because Jon was using our good camera for a work video shoot” and less “yay pretty pictures!” Regardless, hope you enjoy. After all, it doesn’t take much to get across just how lovely the beach is, does it?

Meet Chelsea, my bestie and general adorable person. Thanks to her putting up with me for nearly my entire life, I got invited on the family vaca to HHI. Clearly she was pretty darn excited to arrive.

She even puts up with my FIFA obsession and watches matches with me (even if we’re on vacation and there are lovely beaches calling her name). How great is she? Also, GERMANY YESSS.

Everyone knows beach vacations aren’t really beach vacations if there aren’t puzzles involved.PHOTO_20140714_151738


This, ladies and gents, is the sign of a true friendship. Ugly picture contest and I’m pretty sure I won, thanks very much.

Harbor Town is quite the charming little spot.PHOTO_20140714_190211


Don’t you just want to roll around in this grass? It was so soft and fluffy and cushy.PHOTO_20140714_212936

Beer tasting games are fun. I lost. But it was still fun.PHOTO_20140715_150034

Leave it to me to find everything Disney.PHOTO_20140715_150349

This day brought a trip to Shelter Cove, by way of bikes and “who can run over the most pine cones and not die” games.PHOTO_20140715_150947

Yes, that is a jet packing water superhero. Not as cool as Jango or Boba, BUT STILL.PHOTO_20140715_152125


OKAY STORY TIME: One summer many years ago baby Anna Beth went to HHI with her family and the only thing she remembers from this vaca is eating Itzakadoozie Popsicles, throwing a tantrum about not getting her own bike to ride, and getting really excited about Shannon Tanner. For many years present day Anna Beth didn’t even know if Shannon Tanner was a real person or if she’d just made up some random name and inserted it into her memories (mainly because any time she brought it up people were like, “I’m sorry what.. that is not a real person. Like Shannon Tanner? What kind of a name is that? Definitely not a guy’s name. Pshh.”). WELL GUESS WHAT HE IS REAL AND HE STILL PLAYS AT SHELTER COVE AND IF THAT ISN’T THE MOST SATISFYING THING FOR BABY ANNA BETH I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.


It makes me a little angry how good they looked after a 10 mile bike ride in the heat and humidity of HHI in July.PHOTO_20140715_155946-1PHOTO_20140716_150744

Proof of wildlife. Little baby crabby who was crittering around my towel and looking all cute and stuff.PHOTO_20140716_170225PHOTO_20140716_171249PHOTO_20140716_185444

More food. There was a lot of food.PHOTO_20140716_194101PHOTO_20140716_185747


Waking up at 4:30am and not being able to sleep only means one thing when you’re at the beach: SUNRISE.PHOTO_20140717_070310PHOTO_20140717_124216

Bike ride scenery.PHOTO_20140718_174721Attempted to make a sand castle, only got as far as the base before we left the beach for the day. So instead I christened it a dog bone with a moat.


Walking around Coligny is always fun, especially when there’s a performer who in every way look, talks, sings, and acts like Andy Dwyer from Parks & Rec.PHOTO_20140718_195308PHOTO_20140718_212015

No slacking on the fun scale for our last night in town. The dueling pianos show at The Electric Piano proved to be quite entertaining. Accidentally talked to one of the performers for 15 minutes before the show, and thusly got an embarrassing shout out. I saluted. Like what?? Who salutes to a shout out? I’m clearly not fit for social interaction.

And there you have it! A very brief review my lovely week on HHI with Chels and her fam. I didn’t do the best job capturing all the best moments (like kayaking and eating seven dozen cookies), but in case you’re wondering, the lack of documentation in no way detracted from maximum enjoyment.  We had a BLAST.

Beach vaca #2 pictures coming soon!

Still salty,

Anna Beth

Soccer or Football?? // The American Struggle SOLVED. ish.

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, I decided to reveal and (attempt to) solve the ever-more-popular topic of controversy– football vs. soccer– in a somewhat informative and educational vlog. I say somewhat because think I may have only succeeded in being awkward and getting too excited about stuff, but you should watch and decide for yourself.


Let me know what YOU think in the comments!

Anna Beth

The Fault in Our Stars: An Unpopular Opinion

I finally read The Fault in Our Stars. I was surprised. But probably not in the way you’d expect.


One reason I love Christmas holiday is the whole reading-by-the-fire aspect. A crazy music school life doesn’t lend itself well to much reading outside of required materials during the school year, so I quite enjoy some time to catch up on current (and not-so-current, such as a bit of Charlotte Bronte or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) literary favorites. This past Christmas included the New York Times Best Selling, soon-to-be-released-in-movie-form, tumblr favorite, The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.

Well. It sort of did. I got a chapter in before I realized, after having enjoyed some blissfully intellectually challenging reads, I wouldn’t be able to stomach the “modern, young” approach to writing. At the time I thought I’d never pick it back up again (I even complained about how juvenile the whole thing was to my best friend.. and then quickly recanted as I admitted I’d only read the first chapter or two), but about a month later in a moment of Saturday morning weakness, I caved. Not wanting to crawl out of my warm nest of blankets and cats just yet, I pulled it out one more time.


I should probably say at this point that I in no way consider myself a book snob (although admittedly it sounds as so up until this point). I enjoy fluff books just as much as classics– probably more so sometimes if I’m completely honest. In fact, sometimes I find myself reading classics because I feel like I should, not because I want to. But then a lot of times I end up enjoying them quite a lot, so perhaps it pays off in the end. Anyway, it’s not that I’m saying The Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS) is fluff, but that’s just the point.

With it being critically acclaimed, so popular I’ve been assaulted with it practically since it was released, and highly anticipated in it’s newest form– movie adaption, well, I was sort of expecting something that would blow my socks off and then magically regenerate them as mittens. But I can’t say that’s exactly what happened. BEFORE YOU HATE ME, let me explain. And also let us take a second to imagine socks being reincarnated as mittens, because that would be pretty cool.

images (1)

To be completely fair, I get that John Green’s writing is quirky and amusing. I get that this book is listed under the young adult section– the inference there being that it’s intended audience is somewhere between the ages of 14-17. I get that it’s a refreshingly frank look at cancer, something that has affected a huge amount of people, either personally or relationally (myself included). I get that his intent was to capture the characters and thought processes of teenagers, which he does quite well.

But somehow in the midst of that, I didn’t find the story all that endearing or well-portrayed. Endearing and well-portrayed enough for a “good” book sappy teenagers are bound to enjoy (which there is nothing wrong with), but good enough to capture the hearts of every twenty-something I’ve talked to in the past year and jolt it to a New York Time’s Best Sellers list for seven consecutive weeks? I’m not so sure.


Perhaps the golden egg of this book is its artistic treatment of terminal illness in the hands of a sarcastic, down-to-earth teenager doomed to die. Green certainly captures that character. If people were going on about that aspect of it and how clever Green is in his intentional adolescence, then I think I’d better understand the hype.

But that’s not what I’m bombarded with all the time at school and on tumblr and every time I go to a coffee shop (no really– pay attention next time you walk in a coffee shop. Guaranteed you’ll see someone with a copy of TFIOS tucked underneath their Mac like it’s their third lung. … OH MAN. No pun intended. My bad.).

Instead, people of legal drinking age everywhere are going on about how deep and insightful and romantic the story is. The few (admittedly) cute, quirky, or clever quotes included amidst the less-than-whimsical writing (which, granted, is probably a draw for some people) have been mercilessly superimposed over inspirational photos, some of which are seen sprinkled in this post. Even TFIOS tattoos are becoming common place among my peers. I guess it just makes me sad that my generation is so easily impressed, so easily caught up in a rather cheesy romance story, so quick to adopt what feels like an intentionally (and perhaps artistically?) shallow work. They truly are passionate about this story, and they make that abundantly clear through raving posts, hysterical youtube videos, and an impressive amount of tears.


So, while I do understand part of the novelty of it, I didn’t feel the writing was compelling enough for me to want to read another book by Green, nor do I think it deserves the massive (and I mean massive) amounts of hype.

Also, his frequent use of the word “nubbins” makes me uncomfortable. There’s nothing inherently wrong about that, I just don’t like the word because I’m dumb and have words that weird me out for no reason. It’s beside the point, but I felt I needed to get that out.

All that being said, no real judgement for those of you who have read and loved TFIOS, only a kind roll of the eyes and dramatic sigh. I’m not looking to start a war here, just simply state a personal opinion and perplexing confusion. I’m sure you have your reasons for loving, and by all means– share them in the comments! I may seem like a completely cold-hearted old soul, but I promise I’m not. Okay?


Anna Beth

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