AGONY… Into the Woods // Those Crazy Gingers

Our lip syncing game is growing strong. The leather pants helped, I think.


Princely yours,

Anna Beth


Siblings Sing Top 10 One Direction Acappella // Those Crazy Gingers

On our way home from IKEA, we forgot the sound cable, so we had to make our own music. At some point I started recording. Things got a little crazy.

Probably hoarse forever,

Anna Beth

It’s cliche. It’s over done. It’s my brother and me lip-synching Frozen.

Dad requested this for Father’s Day because this is obviously the best way to show your adult children off to office staff. Obviously. And it wasn’t like we were going to deny him his wish for Father’s Day, I mean how cold hearted could you be. So this happened, and I have no regrets.

Everyone, meet my bro, Jon. And prepare yourselves for melodramatics.

Anna Beth