Not My Arms: LEMONADE // Those Crazy Gingers

If you’re looking for some laughs on a hot summer day, this “lemonade tutorial” is for you. If you’re looking for an actual lemonade tutorial, maybe try pinterest instead…


It’s really hot outside,

Anna Beth


10 Tips for Successfully Learning New Hairstyles and Updos

Ever get stuck doing the same two or three things with your hair every day? Yeah, me too. Scouring Pinterest for inspiration is easy, but actually trying (and succeeding) with cute new dos is an entirely different story. Not only is it time consuming and often frustrating, it’s downright tricky. Half the “tutorials” I find are pixelated photo sets whose original link has been long lost, so I’m left trying to make out the blurry mess of hair and hands and hope my end product is at least something like the original picture I saw. Identify with the struggle?

Well after lots and lots of failures, I’ve learned a few things about trying new styles that hopefully will help you too. And if you’re looking for a few new ones to try, I dedicated this week’s Top 5 Friday post about some new fall hairstyles I’m looking to try.

10 Tips for Successfully Learning New Hairstyles and Updos

  1. Learn your hair. This may seem elementary, but it’s actually very important. Don’t go just by what hair tutorials tell you– for instance, many braid tutorials I’ve read instruct to use 2-day old hair; however, for me this is a disaster. By day two my hair is rather flat and slippery due to how fine it is, so it’s better for me to opt for a bun style on the second day. Conversely, braided dos work much better for me on freshly washed hair. So get to know your hair so you can best modify hair tutorials for your own hair type.
  2. Practice the updo when you don’t actually have anywhere to be. First (and sometimes second and third and…) tries can be shockingly time consuming as you’re trying to figure out just where that piece is supposed to tuck under… When you’re in a hurry or have somewhere to be and attempt a new do, things often end with you ripping off your faucet in frustration and something resembling a bird’s nest sagging off the side of your head. So plan on trying that new look you spotted on Pinterest on an evening in when there’s no pressure to finish in time or have other people see your (possibly) failed attempt.
  3. Have a back up plan. Hair can be fickle, so even if you’ve tried it on an evening in, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Have an old standby in mind, just in case you have five minutes until you need to leave and your new do just isn’t panning out.
  4. When in doubt, braid it out. If your new style is looking a little wonky, add a braid. If you run out of time, incorporate a braid into one of your usual styles. Basically, braid braid braid. People usually miss the flaws for the braid because they just think it looks so lovely and intricate (when, in fact, it’s a regular bun or twist with a braid tacked inside). This also applies for hair clips, pins, bands, and flowers. Essentially, add something aesthetically pleasing and no one will notice the fly aways or awkward alfalfa sprout you weren’t quite able to tame. Or the bird’s nest sagging off the side of your head. Honestly.
  5. Carry an arsenal of bobby pins with you. If you’ve never worn a particular hairstyle all day, it’s hard to know if it’ll last- or at least, if your lopsided interpretation of it will last (not that I specialize in lopsided interpretations)– so it’s good to have backup if needed. I usually keep a few on my person (literally) for quick fixes, as well as a healthy number in my bag for more serious alterations.
  6. Don’t be afraid of hairspray. But also use it wisely. If you’re really happy with your look, spray that sucker UP. Best case scenario is that you don’t have to think about your hair again until you’re taking it down at the end of the day. If you’re not so sure about the way it looks, spray lightly so your hair won’t revolt if you decide to take it down later. Besides, you’ve got your extra bobby pins on hand if you absolutely need them…
  7. Experiment with products. What makes your hair look best when in a bun? What helps your hair grip in a braid the longest? What keeps your frizz down without making your hair greasy? Is this particular style better without any product at all? It’ll probably take a bit of time and a few tries, but figuring this stuff out will make your life a lot easier.
  8. Use clear hair bands. You know, those little plastic ones that look like the rubber bands you were forced to wear on your braces at 14. Sure, then they weren’t your most prized possession (let’s be real– none of us wore them as much as we were supposed to), but now they’re actually extremely helpful to have around, no matter your hair type. Not only are they grippy, they’re small, clear, and unnoticeable– four very important things for successful updo tools. You can find them most anywhere that sells regular hair bands.
  9. Learn to back comb/tease/make your hair look like you’ve stuck your finger in a light socket. IT HELPS, I PROMISE. You may look at the picture and think, “that’s the dumbest looking thing I’ve ever seen, I’m not doing that,” but trust me, it can make a hair style go from “meh” to “BABOOM.” Especially for someone like me who has rather flat hair. Even those of you with quite voluminous hair can find it quite helpful for getting volume in specific places. So figure out what method of teasing is best for your hair– a comb, a brush, etc.– and learn to do it. Learn to love it.
  10. Appreciate messy. Be flexible. Unless it’s absolutely necessary that you have completely uniform, slicked-back hair, embrace the “messy” craze. It’s cute, and it takes a lot of pressure off of your getting your updos just right. Just because your realization of the style doesn’t look exactly like the picture doesn’t mean it looks bad. If there’s a little lump or frizz or piece dangling around your face, it’s okay. Better than that, it makes your look unique, and I can guarantee it doesn’t look nearly as bad as you think it does. Go with it.

So there you go! Hopefully these are as helpful to you as they have been to me. Now it’s your job to go find a new hairstyle, try it out, and let me know how it goes! You’ve got this… 🙂

Anna Beth


Tips for a Clearer Face

If you’re a human being, you’ve probably experienced acne in some way, shape, or form at some point in your life. If you haven’t, you probably have flawless skin that my not-flawless skin says hi to but also doesn’t like because … Continue reading

I can already tell titling things is going to be my least favorite part.

If you were brave enough to watch that, you now know that my name is Anna Beth and I’m definitely a dork. Fortunately, I have accepted these facts about myself and am moving on with my life– honestly, changing your name is way too legally cumbersome, and, contrary to popular belief, being a dork is way more fun than physically harmful. Most times.

Anywho, welcome to my blog and all of that awkward half-way sentimental type stuff people always write when they start something like this. I’ve chosen to forego most of those sentiments as I really can’t promise much more than self-depreciating humor and failed sweet tea tutorials. BUT I WILL TRY. Which is really all that matters because my main goals here are to have fun and do whatever I feel like. So. Not very lofty goals, I shouldn’t think. Hopefully it will be an entertaining experience for us all.

In all partial seriousness, you can expect to find a smattering of various interests on this blog. Many will be humorous, some pensive, others perhaps helpful. I enjoy many different things and this youtube/blog shebang is simply to share with you some of those simple or stupid or entirely irrelevant pleasures. Or complaints. Or confusions. Generally you’ll just be getting a (hopefully not frightening) look into my life. So.. yay for that?

Well, I think that about covers the preliminary, awkward bases. First posts are always the worst. On the bright side.. now I can move on to less awkward (HAHA yeah who am I kidding…) posts and videos and musings. Definitely yay for that.

See you soon!

Anna Beth