Not My Arms Challenge // Those Crazy Gingers

Remember that time I got hit in the face with a rolling pin? Well. We played that game again. And it was nearly as equally dangerous. AND HILARIOUS.


Forever a victim of the Not My Arms Challenge,

Anna Beth


Backwards Word Challenge // Those Crazy Gingers

It’s time to determine who is best at talking backwards! Who will win? Who will lose and have to have a mustache drawn on their face?! Watch and find out!

Will this thing ever come off?

Anna Beth

Experience a Day at the Magic Kingdom!! // Those Crazy Gingers

Spend a day at the good ol’ MK at Disney World with us and experience the rides, jokes, and laughter first hand! The full Disney experience in one video, complete with us being really dumb and telling funny stories from our day. Enjoy!


May all your wishes come true,

Anna Beth

The 7 Seconds Challenge! // Those Crazy Gingers

In which my bro and I subject ourselves to the surprising pressure of the seven seconds challenge and laugh a LOT in the process. It’s amazing what a seven second countdown can do to a person.

Still laughing,

Anna Beth



Still a child,

Anna Beth

Soccer or Football?? // The American Struggle SOLVED. ish.

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, I decided to reveal and (attempt to) solve the ever-more-popular topic of controversy– football vs. soccer– in a somewhat informative and educational vlog. I say somewhat because think I may have only succeeded in being awkward and getting too excited about stuff, but you should watch and decide for yourself.


Let me know what YOU think in the comments!

Anna Beth

My Toes are Froze

In honor of the Southeast getting another huge dumping of ice and snow, I thought I’d (finally) post my snow day vlog from the last snowstorm. It’s awkward and involves lots of me making my cats angry at me, romping with my puppy in the snow, and nearly falling over every three seconds, but hopefully it’ll be entertaining regardless. Do you wanna build a snowman?


If you made it all the way through those grueling (nearly nine) minutes, CONGRATULATIONS. Now pray for my family as they have to deal with that e’ry day.

Anyway, it sure has been crazy weather these days, but I can’t say I hate it. Homework by the fire has a certain charm to it. Bring on the hot chocolate!

Anna Beth